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This was an idea on paper now developed into a full-fledged platform. My role was research, user experience, interface design, logo design, and managing the different departments to execute the platform.  


To develop a software solution that provides transportation relationship management to the logistics industry creating value for both the shipper and the carrier.  


A platform that is built on an intelligent network allowing shipper capabilities and carrier requirements to be matched to meet the needs of the global digitized trade era in a standardized and efficient way.


A common need for shippers across the transportation industry is to move freight from a specific origin to destination with the highest quality carrier at the lowest possible price while mitigating risk for their company. Greater than 80% of the communications between shippers and carriers while sourcing transportation lanes still involve company-specific MS-Excel templates.  This lack of consistency across the industry limits the ability to find and establish new carrier relationships that could benefit an organization.

Many shippers are using the same sourcing (RFx) processes they have used over the last ten years or are outsourcing this effort to a consultant / Third Party Logistics (3PL) provider. This process is not repeatable across the industry and creates extra work for all parties involved. The sourcing process typically includes the following:


  • Request for Information (RFI), Transporta Solution aims to standardize this function.

  • Request for Proposal (RFP)

  • Request for Quote (RFQ)


The first step in identifying the key attributes for the UX and UI was identifying the supply chain of corporate transportation that is not currently serviced by others.

Company or shipper identifies need to move product from point A to point B and schedule

Shipper leverages Transporta software to identify which carriers meet the required transportation needs (i.e. RMIS, SCAC, DOT)

Shipper provides rate sheet to Transportation Management provider for scheduling and payment management

Shipper leverages optimization technology to determine best path to move from Point A to Point B (transportation lanes, i.e. Llamasoft)

Shipper utilizes carrier base to bid and award transportation based on rate, compliance, capacity, etc. 



Initial wireframe concept that incorporated many features not included in competitor platforms, giving a much wider range of capabilities and functions. 

Phase 1 UI: a new hierarchy of information was established after conducting interviews with industry relations and mapping out major needs from potential clients. 


Now moved into beta testing with large scale clients, the goal is to flush-out any potential bugs and database issues that may arise with heavier traffic. Although, based on the initial user testing, the UX and UI are well received.  

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