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Elovation Design is a full stacked design agency that can do everything from infographics and marketing material to social media content creation and website design.

Content Creation

Graphics, Recipes and Blogging Created for Client's Social Media Profiles and Websites. All Photography, Graphics and Recipe Creations are Original. 

Sunshine Burger 

Sunshine Burger has been dedicated to offering delicious, whole food, plant-based burgers made with non-GMO, certified organic ingredients. Sunshine Burgers are free of gluten, wheat, soy, corn, oats, dairy, eggs, tree nuts and peanuts, and are perfect for vegans, vegetarians and anyone seeking more plant-based options.

Organic Bliss

Organic Bliss is a socially responsible food company committed to sustainability, ethical operations, and serving our community by delivering healthy, organic comfort foods for all to enjoy. Based out of Lafayette, Colorado, Organic Bliss offers all organic scones, breads, cookies and biscotti made with natural ingredients and love. 

Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram managed by Alexandra Gardner

Bhakti Chai

Makers of flavorful, India-inspired, fresh-brewed, sustainably sourced teas.