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My role for this project was to evaluate an already created UI and identify issues in the architecture and useability.


To make the user experience competitive with already established players in the market like Marketo and Hubspot but also establish an improved and efficient marketing AI.  


Provided suggestions on user flow and language congruency, and communicated alternate user scenarios and experiences that may arise given their target market.


Ideal Path is simplifying the marketing process by automatically including analytics for all pages, posts, landing pages, and emails. By removing integration with outside platforms, the result is a focused true marking AI on top of the marketing automation that most other platforms already have.


The target customer is going to have a sales team of 3-15 people as they grow to eventually reach enterprise. With a price point of only $75 a month, this platform will appeal to smaller agencies with less developed and diversified teams, making the ease of use and ease of learning the platform crucial to its success.


Using Jakob Nielsen's heuristics and researching and comparing competitor platforms, IdealPath was analyzed on the following metrics:

  1. Visibility of system status

  2. Match between system and the real world

  3. User control and freedom

  4. Consistency and standards

  5. Error prevention

  6. Recognition rather than recall

  7. Flexibility and efficiency of use

  8. Aesthetic and minimalist design

  9. Help users recognize, diagnose, and recover from errors

  10. Help and documentation

User flow diagram showing interactions with different aspects of competitor platforms in comparison to IdealPath architecture and interaction design. 


  • areas in which language was not congruent with industry terminology. 

  • there was a lack of directional information​, suggested adding info icons with information hovers. 

 Provide suggestions for improvements, including:

  • add information icons to walk new users through set-up and what each section of the framework is capable of.

  • add a drag and drop builder for the website and email marketing components, fearing that without this, teams with no developer on staff will be unable to use the platform and many of its main functions.

  • add tutorial videos to help streamline the learning process that includes walk-through test cases of all the automation and metric capabilities.

  • move breadcrumbs out of the top bar and into the container space within each navigation section.

  • explain abbreviations and change the internal language to more common terms and follow platform conventions.

  • replace irrelevant information on overview tabs to contain instructions and information pertaining to each nav. section.


"Alex, through her critique of the IdealPath software, was able to give us insight as to how ACTUAL PEOPLE would interact with our software and immediately started identifying rough edges and awkward naming conventions that got us to rethink our approach. She definitely has the eyes to spot an opportunity and the mind to act on them.”
- Joshua Robitaille, Project Manager/Co-Founder, IdealPath

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