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Hacker in the EthDEN 2020 Blockchain Hackathon. I provided research, user flows, UI designs, brand concept, and final presentation to judges.


Build a solution rooted in empathy that addresses the main paint-points and barriers for a person experiencing homelessness.


A token-based gig economy that provides an accessible labor market, identification, work history, personalized wallet, wage theft protection, and financial empowerment to the homeless.


Many people tend to believe that homeless people are lazy, drug-addicted, and make the choice to be unemployed. These stereotypes occasionally hold merit, but can often be untrue. Research shows that the majority of homeless people actually have a desire to work and are actively pursuing work opportunities or already work one or more jobs.

Someone facing homelessness experiences a number of challenges that prevent them from transitioning to a more stable life. Without a bank account or a permanent address, the options for saving money and getting a legitimate job are drastically reduced. When your entire life is in a grocery cart and you face the risk of theft from other homeless, getting back on your feet can seem impossible. These hurdles are just part of what contributes to the vicious cycle of chronic homelessness.


  • Vulnerable to wage theft 

  • No physical permanent address for bank applications, rent applications or job prospects

  • No identification or proof of social security number

  • Mental or behavioral disorders

  • Learned helplessness theory

  • No way to save or store assets

  • Existing outside of society


Fortmatic Hackathon Build
ETH Denver Presentation
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